Come in and make yourself at home.

Imagine a place where the people that you like the most, friends and family, get together for drinks, dancing, having a lot of fun and still feel like they´re in their own house. Yes, this place exists: Casa 92.

Placed in the middle of the famous Largo da Batata, Casa 92 is a bar and a nightclub all at the same time. With vintage decoration and several extremely welcoming environments, Casa 92 has in its essence an exceptional receptivity. The music and abundance of beautiful people leave no doubts that it is a nightclub, but the unusual and cozy ambience is what sets the unique mood of the house.


Being at Casa 92 is like being in a party at our best friend´s house.

Comfortable and cozy, it has got environments that were decorated with all care in an “old Irish lady´s house” style. The main house is composed by a living room, a guest room, a kitchen and a small backyard with a lounge. Beside it, the Family House, a reserved environment made to provide more comfort to the members of the family. Besides that, in 2013, an area of 330m2 was inaugurated, the Pracinha, all in the open, with plenty of room for all to dance, drink and feel at home. Another particularity is that every place of Casa 92 was decorated by some artist friend, and goer of the house.

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Casa 92 has got in all 9 bars

and a drinks menu, from the most traditional ones to the ones that were exclusively elaborated by our bartenders, that participate annually in national and international contests. In each season, we bring two or three new drinks to the goers. The options to enjoy during the night are countless: from a refreshing Mojito to the "Bico Amarelo" drink, made with yellow fruits, vodka, "biquinho" pepper and other spices, exclusively at Casa 92.

O cardápio da Casa 92, inicialmente, teve como ingrediente principal a batata, em homenagem ao seu bairro Largo da Batata.

Conforme o tempo passou, alguns outros pratos foram sendo introduzidos, diversificando os ingredientes. As comidinhas foram hermeticamente projetadas para fazerem parte da festa. Envolvidas em louças que todo mundo já teve em casa, algumas em folhas ou cestinhas de papel alumínio, são servidas com apenas um talher, para poderem ser deliciadas mesmo na pista de dança. Os caldos e sobremesas completam o cardápio, que, definitivamente, merece ser degustado por completo. "); ?>

Casa 92´s menu, initially had as its main ingredient, the potato, as a tribute to its neighborhood, Largo da Batata.

As time went by, other dishes were included, diversifying the ingredients. The food was hermetically designed to be a part of the party. Served on dishes that everybody had at some point in their houses, some on leaves or even in aluminum foil baskets, also served with only one cutlery, so it´s possible to enjoy it even on the dance floor. The soups and desserts complete the menu that definitely deserves to be fully enjoyed.
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    Thursdays: this is the night of the projects, attended mostly by liberal professionals, admen and young people that are happy with their lifestyle.

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    Fridays: In addition to the resident DJ´s, Polaroid hosts either an international attraction or a DJ with a different musical concept. A peculiarity: the night flyer is always printed with a picture of a client that was at the party the week before. You can be next!

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    Saturdays: this is the night that you cannot be afraid to be happy, to live your fantasy. Casa hosts from 8 to 10 DJs this day. Each night there is a different surprise to the public, since “churros”, popcorn or even a show.

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    Sundays: On Sundays, Casa 92 always hosts a new project, featuring the Sundaze party, turned to the public that enjoys sunset and deep house. Once a month there´s the Dog Sunday, a party prepared specially for dogs and its owners with several activities for the animals with obstacles and toys. Besides that, also monthly, the Caricatinhos happens, made for the children, this party has got several areas and workshops for all tastes, like graffiti, make-up, hairdresser´s and puppet theatres.


Do you want to celebrate any event, like birthdays or farewell parties at Casa 92? We offer a special price to your guests.

It works like this: we have a list limit by night, therefore we ask you to get in touch with us by inbox on Facebook (link), telling us the date of the celebration and an estimated number of guests (amount of people on the list). Then you should wait for the availability confirmation, giving you the necessary information, to make your celebration special. Casa doesn’t work with area reservation, once the clients can go around all the environments.

Frequently Asked Question
  • What´s the music style of the house?

    Music for dancing: pop, rock, indie, some electronic music, samba rock, dance, disco and contemporary.
  • Lost and found?

    In case of our employees find someone´s belongings inside Casa 92, they take them to our office. Everything goes there. If you only noticed that you´ve lost something on the next day, give us a call and talk to our day team on the number: 55 11 30320371.
  • How can I put names on the list?

    Via Facebook. You just have to send the list by inbox to the Fanpage of Casa 92, until 5h59pm. Subject to confirmation.
  • How much is it and what methods of payment are accepted?

    Lista até 00h | Mulher VIP / Homem 40 (entrada) Lista 00h as 02h | Mulher 60 (40 cons. | 20 entrada) / Homem 100 (50 cons. | 50 entrada) Sexta e sábado:
    Com nome na lista é 60 de entrada ou 120 reais consumíveis. Sem nome é 90 de entrada ou 180 reais consumíveis. We accept cash and all credit cards. Soon, it´ll be possible to pay by Casa 92´s app. You just have to download it in your mobile and start to use it. We do not accept checks.

This is for the one that is in love with Casa 92 environment and have always wanted to host an event here.

Here´s the deal: from Monday to Wednesday night or day and from Thrusday to Saturday during the day, Casa92 opens its doors to closed events reservations. Like birthdays, bachelor´s parties, weddings, fashion shows, company events and even kid´s parties! In addition to supplying the area we also offer packages that include buffet, drinks and any other item you may need. To check our availability contact us on: 55 11 3032-0371.


Do you want to take the spirit of Casa92 to your party?

Thinking about everyone that loves Casa and always celebrate their special events there, we decided to go to your house and celebrate with you. Thus, “Bar Back Home” is born, a service that takes the atmosphere, trained bartenders, DJ, special menu with our spices and Casa 92´s bar where you want. And the best thing is, that you don’t need to be worried about the mess. On the next day, when you wake up, all will be in its right place, like if nothing´s ever happened. Contact us by email barlaemcasa@casa92.com.br.